Connecting people and communities to take action on the world’s most pressing challenges through impactful events and strategic partnerships.

Impactful Events

We run a collaborative and transformational events series that unites cities, governments and industry to explore the role of technology and innovation in supporting climate action worldwide.

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Event Management Services

We offer full event management services that encompass your entire event lifecycle, from strategic planning and creative design to seamless execution and post-event analysis. We tailor each event to your unique goals and audience. 

Alternatively, if you require support with a specific area of your existing event activities, we can manage this for you on your behalf. 

Partnering with us means you can:

Focus on Strategy

We'll handle the intricate details of your event, allowing you and your team to concentrate on the strategic aspects and other important elements of your role. Our team will ensure that every logistic, no matter how small, is handled to the highest standard.

Deliver Impactful Experiences

With our creative expertise, we'll help you design experiences that resonate with your target audience. From speaker acquisition and agenda planning to valuable interactions and operational delivery, we'll make sure your event fully delivers on your objectives.

Ensure Seamless Execution

Our team excels in executing events. From pre-event to on-site registration, to content delivery and networking experiences, you can count on us to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Maximise ROI

By leveraging our network of trusted partners and suppliers, we'll optimise your budget while delivering premium services. We can advise on and run your ticket sales campaign and event sponsorships, ensuring the best possible return on investment.

Why do events matter?

Brand Building and Awareness

Well-executed events can help build and reinforce your brand's identity. By curating unique experiences and aligning the event with your values, you can enhance brand recognition and credibility.

Promotion and Visibility

Events provide a platform for you to promote your products, services or causes. Events allow you to directly engage with your target audience, showcase your offerings and generate interest.

Networking and Relationship Building

Events offer unrivalled opportunities for networking and relationship building. You can connect with clients, customers, partners and stakeholders in a relaxed setting, fostering meaningful interactions and collaborations.

Showcasing Expertise

You can position yourself as an industry leader by hosting events that showcase your expertise, thought leadership, and insights. This helps to establish credibility.

Employee Engagement

Internal events, such as team-building retreats and employee appreciation days, boost employee morale, promote team cohesion, and enhance overall job satisfaction.

Market Research and Feedback

Events can serve as opportunities to gather feedback from customers and stakeholders. You can gain valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and suggestions for improvement.

Education and Information Sharing

Events can educate your target audience about industry trends, best practices and innovations. Conferences, workshops, and seminars allow participants to gain insights and knowledge from experts in the field.

Community Engagement

Host events to engage with your local communities, demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility and creating a positive public image.

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